Aloha and welcome to the Public Land Trust Information System (PLTIS) which was developed by the State of Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural Resources. The PLTIS is a web-based inventory of State and County owned lands and encumbrances periodically submitted by approximately 40 agencies. The PLTIS includes a geographic interface which allows users to pan, zoom, and click on parcels to obtain information about them. State owned parcels can also be searched for by TMK, attributes, or within a search area. The PLTIS is available to the public (after registration). If you register using an official State or County email, we will also ask for your agency.

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Additional Information:

The PLTIS was developed to satisfy the requirements of Act 54 (SLH, 2011). Act 54 mandates the establishment of a comprehensive information system to inventory and maintain information about the lands of the public land trust as described in section 5(f) of the Admission Act and article XII, section 4 of the Hawaii State Constitution.